What To Expect
Everyone at Guthrie's Fitness is given the ROYAL TREATMENT each and every session. You are YOU! Here you are special and treated as such. You will not only SEE results in this little training studio, you'll feel results mentally and spiritually too. You will find yourself looking at the mirror one day and laughing at the old you from days past. Here we BACK OUR WORDS. There are no empty promises. This is a true value that you can carry with you forever. You will be blown away at the level of service you receive or we don't deserve your business. That's how we work.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 
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Jerremy Guthrie - Mind & Body Fitness! 

Now, say 'hello' to your new 'home'...(lots of lives changed here daily)

Back in the day...

There are 100's more pictures, videos and testimonials of over 19 years of clients results if you'd like more, we'll happily send you them! 

Jerremy's Traveling Fitness, LLC
Guthrie's Fitness
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