You want the best results, you'll get the BEST.
But first, let's look at your GOALS to help determine which Program is Best for YOU.

GOAL: Weight-loss - "I have MORE THAN 25lbs to lose and I want my life back"

PROGRAM RECOMMENDED: VIP Private One-On-One Training
This program is our most in-depth, aggressive plan we offer which includes mindset planning, vision clarity, nutrition accountability coaching with meal plan, grocery list, fitness component, monthly pictures, weighing and much more for maximum results. Get in the best shape of your life...OR you don't pay a dime!

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GOAL: Weight-loss  - "I workout 1 or 2 times a week on my own, I have less than 25lbs of weight to lose and/or looking for some group support in the evening time"

PROGRAM RECOMMENDED: Semi-Private Small Group Training
This program is provides you a small custom-tailored workout in our private studio with other members. We customize your workout based on your unique abilities. Hand holding, included. Class times coming soon... 

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GOAL: Food Accountability  - "I want to start with knowing what to eat, have someone hold me to it and go from there"

PROGRAM RECOMMENDED: Nutrition Accountability Coach
This program provides you with your own NAC (Nutrition Accountability Coach) daily that helps you stay on track and not CHEAT, we record your food, send you text messages every day, require you send food pictures back, includes all nutrition component. Plus, provides a weekly 30 minutes scheduled coaching call and measurements monthly. 

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