Looking to tighten and tone, feel more energy, lose weight and drop your dependence on medications? Want More Out of LIFE?

Then you've came to the RIGHT place!

Life is rich, and more rewarding when you're healthy, lean, fit and strong! And that's exactly what pushes Jerremy Guthrie's team of dedicated professionals to give you the very best help!

Get Better Relationship, Results and Experience! 
The Guthrie's Fitness Difference
Now, depending on your goals, level of commitment and budget, we'll go over several things with you which include:
1. Your most recent blood work (repeat every 6 months)
2. Intro to Inflammation, Gluten and How To Lose Weight Safely
3. Identify Lifestyle Goals through Mindset Mapping
4. Create A Plan Of Action Based On Goal 
5. Take Measurements, Pictures and Set Expectations 
6. Provide Support System 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Step 1 is to see what works best for you.
Click 'Pick a Program' that best fits your Goals at the top of this page.

What We Are -
Dedicated. You WILL NOT Find Anybody More Dedicated To YOU!
Our Passion Team is dedicated  100% to your individual health and fitness needs. Your support system of daily text messages, phone calls and face to face coaching keeps you held accountable. No kidding, we will talk, daily.

Honest. You make the investment. We Deliver. You won't pay a dime if you don't see and feel life-transforming results! It's no cliche' either. If you walk through our doors and you can honestly say you don't look or feel better, we'll cut you a check for whatever investment you'd made. No questions asked.

Results. You have a Goal, Motivation and Budget. No matter how BIG or Small - we deliver tighter tummies, buns, hips and thighs. We help lower dependence of medications. We will create a cheat proof system for you that integrates well with your hectic, busy schedule and really does deliver.

Private. Your life is private. And your health is no different. That's why our facility is by appointment only, and not a gym open to the public. You'll get personal care and attention to your needs without the 'hoo-rah' of prying eyes watching and listening.

Below is some recent CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES!
If you'd like to see our record of lives changed 20 years strong, please check out our facebook page  
click HERE. 

Darrell Herrin, 62 years old, 60+lbs                                     Cynthia Knape, 53 years old, 70+lbs


Andy Laillangue, 60 years old, 73lbs lost                           Laura Leblanc, 6 pant sizes

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How Was Guthrie's Fitness Formed?

Since 2000, Guthrie's Fitness, Owner and Founder, Mr. Jerremy Guthrie has spent his life dedicated to achieving your health and wellness goals. Starting at a Corporate Health Club, he learned the inner workings of the fitness industry. And from there, as the #1 rated personal trainer out of 1700 trainers nationwide, his success grew after realizing personal training could be MORE PERSONAL. He then opened up his residence (the living room) to more than 200 clients for fitness business - serving the greater Houston Area, 7 days a week, for almost 5 years. Finally, after building a large client following, Guthrie's Fitness was formed 
with a solid team of driven people to deliver better service, better experience and life-changing results that you won't find anywhere else.
 Our market is men and women between 35 and 75 years old, high impact professionals and executive level management. 

At a very early age, Jerremy was always active in sports such as football and bodybuilding. Primarily raised by his father who is a successful business man, he learned of self-respect, trust, discipline and hard work. But Jerremy's life would soon hit a road block, where he almost ended up taking his own life. It was at this point, Jerremy decided he would take the high road, went to 'work out' as God came into his life leading his purpose, found his true authentic self, and now his team leads others how to overcome all obstacles as he did - through fitness as a starting point. 

While attending Sam Houston State University, his studies included Kinesology, Management and Psychology. He averaged a 3.0 GPA while attending SHSU, until his Junior year before transferring to University of Houston. Other studies include - NASM Certified Personal Training, APEX Training, CEC's in Lower Back Pain, Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complexes, Rehab Drills, Z-Health Courses, Neurological Re-Mapping, CPR/.First Aid and 19+ years of PRACTICAL personal training experience and business ownership.

AWARDED 50K club member from Inc.500 company
Voted #1 Personal Trainer in Clear Lake in 2006
Served 100's of clients specializing in weight-loss, psychology and kinesology. 

Cynthia Knape 

As a former TCISD employee with over 30 years of administrative experience, and current client who's lost 6 pant sizes, and over 70+lbs off her body, Mrs. Knape serves as our head nutrition accountability coach and administrative assistant. Having learned the in's and out's of what makes for a successful nutrition plan, she's the person you'll hear from daily for checkin's, scheduling interviews, consultations, nutrition accountability texts and offers a wide array of support systems to help facilitate the day to day business operations.  

Team of Trainers
We're always looking for people to help us lead the field of personal fitness and nutrition coaching! If you're interested please contact us via phone for more info. 

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