About Jerremy
At a very early age, Jerremy was always active in sports such as football and bodybuilding. Primarily raised by his father who is a successful business man, he learned of self-respect, trust, discipline and hard work. But Jerremy's life would soon hit a road block, where he almost ended up taking his own life. It was at this point, in his early 20's, Jerremy decided he would take the high road, he 'worked out', God came into his life where he chose to spare his own life, find his true authentic self, and LEAD with living out his mission and purpose. To be a friend, inspiration and leader in serving others' health and fitness needs.

His mission literally started in his living room, in 2003. Backed by only a dream, he began giving back, bringing other folks 'up' who were in similar situations he experienced. Personally training and coaching anyone he could find to make a positive impact in their life.

And because of this, Jerremy has witnessed 100's of people turn their life around, off addiction, stop substance abuse, no depression, over 100lbs weight-loss stories - through his mind and body coaching programs. And all this in what started, in his living room!

He has served the fitness industry for over 15 years now. He is a proud business owner, father, son and friend - who loves helping folks live a better, healthier quality of life. To 'never give up' on this life.

While attending Sam Houston State University, his studies included Kinesology, Management and Psychology. He averaged a 3.0 GPA while attending SHSU, until his Junior year before transferring to University of Houston. Other studies include - NASM Certified Personal Training, APEX Training, CEC's in Lower Back Pain, Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complexes, Rehab Drills, Z-Health Courses, Neurological Re-Mapping, CPR/.First Aid and 13+ years of PRACTICAL personal training experience, and business ownership.

AWARDED 50K club member from Inc.500 company
Voted #1 Personal Trainer in Clear Lake in 2006
Served 100's of clients specializing in weight-loss, psychology and kinesology. 
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